Jungle Jim Hunter

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Jim Hunter grew up in an average home, on an average farm, outside an average town in rural Saskatchewan.

He was very good in school and completed grades 3 & 4 in one year and then grades 5 & 6 the following year. Jim was known not only for academics but his athletic and musical abilities as well. He was a leader on his hockey team and loved to sing at community events, in churches, or anywhere he was asked.

In the spring of his 10th year a huge change was about to happen in Jim's life.  He was having a great time jumping on his bed, attempting a back flip, when he missed the bed entirely and suffered a severe concussion.  Jim woke up after a long coma but couldn’t remember anything. Life was starting all over again and everything had to be relearned. People treated him differently. Some were kind while others treated him as severely handicapped but inside a young Jim felt like he could do anything.